Apps and web development


As a creative company from the get-go Giant Lemon strives to build projects that will help and entertain as many as possible.

The first project will be a website called Plugin Pusher and it strives to help music producers get the best deals for plugins and sound collections to use in their DAWs. (Digital Audio Workstations)

We have more projects in the pipeline but they are still in the early stages of development.

Our next project will be a mobile application that makes use of machine learning in order to generate music suggestions.


Giant Lemon is potentially open to offers for contractual work but given the limited amount of resources in the company we can only accept a limited amount of smaller contracts.

We mainly specialise in making apps for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Additionally we will also be able to provide services such as creating simple WordPress websites (such as the one you are currently browsing) or even modern websites with cutting edge technology.

Finally we can provide web-scraping solutions which you can either use on a stand-alone basis or in combination with an advanced website.

Contact us if you have any questions about apps and web development.


Currently we work with Flutter and Firebase for mobile app development in order to release easily to both the iOS and Android platforms.

For web development we use the JavaScript framework Vue.js combined with HTML and CSS to create our advanced websites.

For simpler websites like this one we use WordPress as it is a quick and easy tool to create a nice looking simple website.

Finally we use Python for web-scraping purposes and store the data gathered in Firestore. Heroku is then used to run these python scripts on a recurring basis.