apps and web dev

What we do

Who are we?

Giant Lemon is a company with a goal to build the mobile apps and websites of tomorrow.

We have built Plugin Pusher which acts as a helpful tool for the modern music producer. The project aims to create a fair environment for producers to get the best plugins and sound collections for their DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) at the best possible price.

While we have a heavy focus on building our own applications we also provide professional solutions for our customers.

What we do Business inquiries


App dev

Utilising Flutter we are able to create mobile apps for iOS and Android but also desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

web Scraping

We are able to provide web-scraping as a stand-alone service or even in a combined package with a website or app.

Web Dev

We create innovative websites with advanced web development technologies and simpler WordPress sites.

The (not so big) team

Mads Conrad Strei

Founder of Giant Lemon

My story

I founded Giant Lemon as I wanted to have a platform for myself to build the products that I believe in. 

With around ten years of experience in the tech industry I have worked on a variety of different projects and helped build some amazing products with a diverse portfolio of tech stacks. 

I started my journey as a content designer while I was still in school where I would help build the content of hundreds of websites through the company’s own Content Management System (CMS) and with the help of a little Photoshop.

While studying my Computer Science degree I worked as a support consultant where I would not only handle clients but also create content for our websites between calls. At a later stage I was promoted to supervisor at the company.

For my internship through my degree I worked at a major Danish tech company and ended up getting hired by them as an Android Developer where I would learn the ropes of working in an app development company.

Most recently I was employed at a startup that focused on providing tech solutions for the average Danish family. Here I worked as a Software Developer and later on as their Lead Flutter Developer.

What we do